Tips To Restore A Garden Shed

On September 13, 2017 by Josh

A garden shed can be a very useful structure and can help you free up some much needed space in your home. You can store all of your gardening tools, equipment, regular tools, and even children’s outdoor toys. Garden sheds are often made from more fragile building materials so they’re more susceptible to regular wear and tear.

However, they’re also a part of your property and have an impact on its aesthetic appeal, which is why you need to make sure they are always in good repair. Here are some tips on how to restore the structure’s appearance:

1. Empty out the shed

Before you proceed with the restoration process, you need to remove all items from the shed. This includes all the tools, equipment, toys, machines like lawn mowers, etc. Make sure the floors and the walls are completely free of clutter so you can see the building material easily.

2. Assess the shed

The first step after you’ve cleaned out the shed is to assess its current condition, to determine what kind of repairs and restoration is required. This simple but thorough visual inspection will help you understand the shed’s current state, and plan the restoration accordingly. You can take notes and photographs of areas that need special attention to know what kind of materials and finishing products you need to buy. You should check the:

  • Structural integrity of the walls.

  • Condition of the floors.

  • Shelves.

  • Condition of the roof.

  • Door frame, locks, and structure.

  • Window frames, windows, glass panes, etc. (if your garden shed has windows)

  • Lighting and wiring.

3. Purchase the tools you will need

Purchase all the tools you will need for the restoration project based on the assessment of your garden shed. In most cases, you will only need some basic products such as:

  • Cleaning supplies like solutions, rags, dustpans, and brooms.

  • Power washers to wash the floor and walls if needed.

  • Exterior and interior paint.

  • Painting supplies like primers, putty, brushes, and rollers.

  • Replacement shingles for the roof.

  • A set of tools like hammer, screwdriver, drill, etc.

  • Roofing caulk.

  • Roofing nails.

  • Caulking gun.

4. Clean the floors

Pressure washing will help you remove the most stubborn surface layers of dust and debris and once you remove them, your floor should be ready for use. If you have wooden floors, you can scrub and refinishing it to restore its appearance. Garden sheds often have concrete floors, which are easier to maintain and refinish. You can just clean the floor and apply an epoxy coating over it.

5. Walls

Painting interior and exterior walls is the best way to restore the appearance of the garden sheds. It’s also a great way to protect the underlying material from the weather conditions outside. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Scrub away the old layer of paint.

  • Seal any flaws with caulk and make sure the surface is even.

  • Apply primer on the surface.

  • Apply a few coats of paint after the primer dries.

6. Roof

Missing shingles and damaged roofs can cause a number of problems in the long run so it’s a good idea to replace all damaged shingles and make sure the roof is waterproof.

Sometimes restoring or repairing the garden shed can be more trouble than it’s worth. If you do not want restore your garden shed, you can change it

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