Tips To Have A Sturdy Long-Lasting Roof To Protect Your Family

On February 8, 2017 by Josh

The complex chemical reactions that define our world and this reality can either be constructive or destructive. That’s also true for your house’s roof.

Oxidation and erosion are some of the worst enemies your roof can have. Whether it’s galvanized iron, metal compounds, or plastic, oxidation and erosion are always present.

It’s the inevitable law: entropy. Everything in the universe goes from an orderly state to a more disorderly state in due time. Think of an apple getting rotten over time due to oxidation and internal chemical changes.

So, how do you keep your roof protected from oxidation and erosion?

Keep it Dry

Remember that water is the universal solvent. It means that it reacts highly with anything. It may not react immediately but it corrodes any surface it touches due to its chemical properties.So what keeps anything from corroding is keeping water away from it. Roof coatings that prevent water from contacting your roof keep it free from corrosion.


If your roof comes in contact with oxygen, it reacts with almost everything. Water and oxygen work best together as water is an oxidation catalyst. Even though it doesn’t violently and immediately react, your roof is surely oxidized especially on extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. So coating it is your best chance to keep it away from oxygen.

Heat Resistant

Your roof, if you may not believe it, contains enough moisture to retain its form – be it metal or plastic. If it dries out, it can become brittle and can easily be dislodged from your whole deck. This is true, especially on mineral-based roofs. This kind of roof should maintain a certain amount of moisture to retain its properties and protect your house from rain and heat all the same.

Dirt and Stain Free

Foreign particles can fall into the crevices and cracks (most especially on mineral roofs) and can alter the elasticity of your roof. Elasticity is essential especially in countries where it rains and shines unpredictably. The internal stress due to temperature can lead to the cracking and tear. This can let water, dirt and other foreign articles seep through thus decreasing the ability of your roof to allow itself to expand or compress when the need arises.

Also, microbes that specialize in living in these type of materials can deteriorate the health of your roof even more significantly. Coating it with specially formulated roof coats, where it can prevent dirt and stain from seeping through, can prevent all these.


There are many ways to take care of your roof and determining the best type of coating can make or break it – literally. Coating of high-end concoction will ensure your roof remains and retains it health – withstanding the extremes of chemical reactions. Your roof is an essential component of your home. Without a sturdy and healthy roof, your home wouldn’t be a home at all. Taking good care of it means taking good care of your family.

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