The Topmost Benefits of LED Displays You should Know about

On November 22, 2016 by Josh

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) may seem confusing at times – but so does the rest of the display technology. It seems the industry is full of acronyms that only those in the know can explain. We’re talking about LFD (Large Format Display), and other strange animals like LCD, LIT, and so much more. No wonder the layman gets confused sometimes. So what exactly does it all mean? More to the point, what does LED mean, and why is it such a great thing? If you’re feeling a little left out and wonder what kind of display is best for you, here are the topmost benefits of LED displays you should know about.

Let’s tackle LCD first

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) has revolutionised the way displays are made – it really was a breakthrough. Basically what happens is that a back light passes through a crystal, and this allows you to have a very efficient transformation of colour and hues that truly stands out in comparison with older technologies. Whilst this explanation is too simplistic and doesn’t quite give a true picture, it’s good enough for the purposes of explaining LED.

What’s LED?

LED is the same as LCD – at least, the same technology is used; with one big difference: the backlight is provided by LED, and this ensures a much better colour display and contrast. Sounds complicated? It shouldn’t be; LED is much more colour sensitive and allow for a much better light frequency.

What are the major advantages?

Yes, it’s pretty technical, so let’s just explain the major advantages:

  • You can install it outdoors. The fact is, they’re pretty much the only displays that can indeed be installed outdoors safely – other displays need safety measures.

  • Flexible. The great thing is that an LED display can come in any size and shape. You decide based on the requirements.

  • Easy installation. No hassle, easy installation. It couldn’t be much clearer than that.

  • Special features. The truly great thing: it works great with software, so there are many special features to program.

  • Return on investment – it’s very cost-effective.

In the past, finding the right display was more a matter of budget requirements rather than any other concern, but with technology progressing so much, the cost of displays has become much more affordable, and the LED proves time and time again that it is the best choice on the market for the moment. Your choice is not about whether or not the LED is right for you – it is, no doubt about it – it’s just a matter of looking around and finding the kind that’s ideal for your purposes. That you should choose LED is a given; next, it’s just a matter of technical requirements.

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