Leaving Your Pool Protected When Going On Vacation

On December 5, 2016 by Josh

Planning your December holiday trips abroad usually places no small amount of pressure on you and your family to get your home affairs in order before undertaking the journey! This means finding a home for your pets or organising a house sitter, checking that you won’t be needed by anyone in the neighbourhood for a few days and, not to mention, dealing with your swimming pool… If you’re wondering what you’re going to do to keep your pool clean while you’re away, you’re probably faced with a few different ideas. Here’s what you need to look at before leaving for your trip:

  • You’ll have to fill the pool to keep your water level high. As your pool filter only works when the duct reaches the water level, making sure that your pool won’t drain past this point in the time that you’ll be away will keep leaves and other debris from contaminating your water. If your filter doesn’t have a built in timer, you’ll have to organise for someone to manage the filter once every few days. Leaving your filter on all day for longer than a few days isn’t recommended! See pool equipment.
  • Backwash and clean your filter and pump before you go, and replace your chlorine floater to maintain chlorine levels while you’re away. Once pool contaminants take hold in your pool, they’ll be difficult to keep out. Giving your pool shock treatment before a trip will also go a long way in keeping your water clean.
  • Get a pool cover. This is your best measure to prevent pool contamination. The cover helps prevent water evaporation, ensuring that your filter is working correctly. As organisms, leaves and other debris falling into your pool are responsible for most of your water contamination, preventing them access to your crystal clear water will help keep it that way!
  • As we’re undergoing a water shortage in the country at the moment, draining your smaller swimming pools in Pretoria of water and refilling it when you get back is quite wasteful, unless the large amount of water will be used resourcefully in gardening, for example!

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