In Good Working Order: How Preventative Maintenance Can Help

On August 25, 2017 by Josh

When it comes to home maintenance there is a sound argument in favor of being proactive rather than reactive by keeping things in working order through regular checks and minor repairs or adjustments rather than spending more on a repair when something goes wrong.


Here are some pointers on preventative maintenance, including a look at some of the tasks that should be on your list before Winter arrives, how to avoid a slip hazard outside, plus other tips that all help avoid the prospect of a costly repair bill.


Preparing your home for colder weather


Preventative maintenance is something you should be looking at doing throughout the year but the Autumn period is a good illustration of how important it is to keep on top of a list of scheduled tasks.


Your home can be particularly vulnerable during the Winter months if you haven’t done some basic things to protect it from harsher weather conditions.


Cleaning gutters and downspouts and clearing all your drainage areas of leaves will help to ensure that water flows away freely from your property as it should do. Check the gutters regularly and don’t allow any leaves or other debris to accumulate as this could cause excess water to find a way into your home.


The Autumn period is also a good time for painting the exterior of your property if it needs another coat of paint in places as the weather is a bit cooler without being too cold.

At the same time, you should check for any holes or damage that need repairing and sealing and arrange to lubricate hinges, locks, and any other moving parts that would benefit from another layer of protection.


Take a look at this site for a list of the sort of maintenance lubricants and aids you might need.


Prepare your decking for Winter


If you have a decking area it is nice to sit out on it and enjoy the sunshine but you might also want to take the opportunity to give your decking a bit of maintenance in preparation for the colder months.


Countless homeowners end up cursing a slippery deck when they step outside after the rain has stopped and this scenario can be avoided if you are proactive and arrange to protect the wood from a buildup of mildew that makes it so slippery and also reduces the lifespan of the decking if left untreated.


Take time out from relaxing on the deck to preparing it for Winter and keeping it looking nice at the same time.


Check your pipes and heating system


Checking your pipework for cracks and leaks is a task that should be on your to-do list every season and regularly cleaning or repairing filters in your heating system is also a sensible strategy.


Repair any damage to pipes immediately and check that any exterior pipework is adequately protected from the cold in order to prevent the prospect of frozen pipes cracking.


Another proactive maintenance task would be to take a torch and head to the attic so that you can check for any holes in the roof or leaks that need fixing.


Many of these tasks won’t take long to complete and aren’t that expensive to do, but they can help prevent a major problem and as well as keeping your home in good order it should save you money if you manage to avoid a hefty repair bill.


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