Get the most out of Business Meetings with Reclaimed Wood Conference Tables

On September 3, 2017 by Josh

The world of furniture is indeed a massively varied one, ranging from conservative and simplistic pieces, to exotic and original designs. With reclaimed wood furniture, you can expect to find all manner of designs, both humble and extravagant.

With unique conference tables, you can find true works of art with which to facilitate any kind of business conference or meeting, impressing clients and partners while providing a sturdy and quality surface with which to work upon. Such pieces excel in being beautiful while providing a wide array of uses – far beyond that of the conference room – you can also use such tables as dining room tables if you so wish.

Let us now look at some of the best reclaimed wood conference table designs available for purchase today. There is no greater way to host a conference than with a fine-smelling piece of reclaimed furniture which has as much character and history as the company you work at.

Black Walnut with a Live Edge

This magnificent slab of Black Walnut wood has been brought back to life with as much finesse as is needed to rework such a massive piece of wood into something useful yet beautiful. This large desk can sit up to eight people all around.

It has a large hole in the center, which has been tastefully filled in with tempered glass. It is supported by steel legs.

Industrial Conference Table

For something a little more industrial-looking, this perfectly rectangular piece has been made from galvanized steel attached to recently produced scaffold boards, which have been finished with a good quality Fiddes & Sons wax.

While such rustic designs may indeed be highly specialized and unique, please bear in mind that you may indeed find splinters or dents in such classic works brought back to life.

Walnut Conference Table

Another excellent application of Walnut, this is a stable and strong conference table which is highly resistant to any swelling or shrinking. It has been placed atop a pedestal made from steel, bringing out the flavors of industry and home at the same time.

Such wood exudes a tonal procession from light to dark tones, bringing raspberry and chocolate flourishes to light. Such a natural presence of beauty means that the creators did not need to add in any of their own finishes, meaning that the wood is unstained.

You will also find that the grain has influenced the actual edge of the table, bringing something completely natural to any room.

Oak Conference Table

This oak masterpiece is large enough to fit up to ten people. It is 32 millimeters thick, and has been created from the finest oak available, which has of course been sourced sustainably – the creators insist that their suppliers at all times hold a ‘green’ approved certification.

As for the base, we have a 40 x 40 millimeter steel frame box which can be powder coated or clear coated in a color of your choice. There are also bespoke designs to choose from.

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