An Overview of the Types of Doors for Your Walk In Shower Enclosure

On May 15, 2016 by Josh

There are plenty of elements you can place in your bathroom if you would like it to be as comfortable as possible. You can choose to have your bathroom as luxurious or as practical as you want – it’s all up to you (and the available space in your bathroom, of course). All those bathroom accoutrements and accessories can be chosen easily, but what about the bathroom essentials, such as a toilet, a bath, and a shower? When it comes to showers, you have plenty of choices, from walk in showers to combination showers and baths and more. But if you would like to maximise the space you have and give your bathroom a more seamless, modern look, a walk in shower enclosure is a brilliant choice.

Walk in showers are both practical and elegant, but their practicality and elegance will also depend on the doors you choose. The doors for your walk in shower play an integral part. Here’s what you should know so you can choose the type of door that is perfect for your shower enclosure.

An overview of doors

  • Hinged

Hinged shower doors are very typical – in fact, you can see them on almost all shower enclosures since they offer great access to the enclosure or shower space. However, a hinged door will usually open into the bathroom, so you have to consider this if you have a smaller bathroom. Hinged doors are best for bathrooms which have ample space.

  • Bi-fold

Bi-fold shower doors, on the other hand, are composed of two glass panels (sometimes more), and one panel is typically fixed to the surround of the shower itself, whilst the other glass panels would be fixed on hinges. A bi-fold door will often open into the shower enclosure, so it is a good choice if your bathroom’s space is precious.

  • Pivot

Pivot shower doors are another popular option and would give your bathroom a more modern look. A pivot door features a pin at the door’s top and bottom where it can rotate. The door usually opens out into the bathroom, although one of its edges will swing back into the area of the enclosure, so it wouldn’t need as much clearance compared to hinged doors.

  • Sliding

Sliding doors have been around for a long time and are still popular today for good reason. Sliding doors can come in rectangular or quadrant form and can help you save space in your bathroom. When choosing a sliding door, just make sure you have enough space in the entry for easy access.

  • A bespoke door

You can also have a bespoke door which is fully customised according to the available space you have. Bespoke doors are a good solution for awkwardly-shaped bathrooms, such as those under sloped ceilings.

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