7 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for the Winter Season

On September 29, 2017 by Josh

Winter’s cold chill is here again. This can only mean more moments spent indoors. You surely want to add some warmth to your home all throughout this cooler season. Winter doesn’t have to be a hassle.


Make your home a cozy haven with these seven tips:


  1. Get your feet warm.

Hardwood floors are great for summer. However, you need to cover them during the colder months. Place thick area rugs by your sofas, beds, and in well-traveled spots at your home so your feet will never have to touch the cold floor. You may also want to leave some cozy slippers by the door. Pop them on when you get in and instantly feel warmer at home. In your bathroom, lay a bath mat to avoid post-shower cold feet.


  1. Cover your sofa with cozy cushions.

What better way to get warm than to do it with plenty of throws and cushions? Make sure that the first place you rest on when you get home from work is your cozy sofa. Thick knits are ideal for adding nice color and pattern to your home. They are also perfect companions for chilly evenings with a movie.


  1. Make your bed a safe haven.

There’s nothing more inviting in winter days than a bed packed with blankets and pillows. A faux-fur throw is also a great investment. Then you can drape one across the end of your bed so it’s at your arm’s reach when the cold wind blows.


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  1. Carve out a reading Nook.

Shed out on a cozy armchair and pull out your favorite books or find a new favorite. Lose yourself in a reading nook for hours. For a leather armchair, cover it with some warm throws. Your sofa should be comfortable and snug. Also, make your reading nook is well-lit with a good lamp. Place a coffee table and a small bookshelf nearby, and stock your favorite books.


  1. Place some fabrics on your tables.

Bare tables are perfect for the summer but are too bare for winter. So, cover them up with appropriate tablecloths and runners. Tablecloths make dining tables cozier, but runners will also dress up your table.


  1. Use your fireplace correctly.

For the winter season, rearrange your furniture so your family can keep warm near the fireplace. Because nothing is wonderfully warmer and cozier than snuggling next to the fireplace.


  1. Hang thicker draperies.

Switching out your curtains and drapery for the winter will always make sense. You window panes may allow heat to go out through the glass, thus making your room colder. Hang thicker drapes for the winter season. Some even use double sets of draperies to make their home warmer.


Final Thoughts

These are just the basic ways to cozy up your home for the winter days. Make the most of this season. Enjoy staying at home, wrap up in a blanket, and read a good book while drinking some hot tea. You can even add some seasonal decors to perk up your home.




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