5 Business Ideas You Can Do from a Storage Unit

On November 12, 2016 by Josh

Storage space is an issue for many business owners but it needn’t be. In fact, many business owners operate out of storage units, which is fast becoming a very popular way to do away with many traditional business expenses and operate a much more streamlined and nimble business, one which is better equipped to deal with the challenges of the modern business world. Here are five business ideas that you can do from a storage unit, provided that the storage unit that you hire meets your needs.

  1. eCommerce Business

Many eBay businesses are operated out of cheap self storage space. Not all ecommerce businesses have need of a hired storage space, as many have little stock to store, however, those that sell large items or have a high turnover of stock and can no longer operate out of the spare bedroom at home often find that they need to hire a storage unit to securely store the items that they sell online.

  1. Tradesperson

Self-employed tradespeople often hire storage units to store their equipment and inventory. This is a popular option for tradespeople who live in the inner city and lack ample storage space at home, for example, a shed in the back yard or a spare space in the carport. For those with expensive equipment and inventory, hiring a storage space is an excellent way to protect their investment in high-quality work equipment.

  1. Furniture Restoration and Sales

As with tradespeople, many homebased furniture restorers find that they need a secure place to store the furniture that they have restored, somewhere that isn’t exposed to the elements that could damage the furniture they’ve prepared for sale. Perth Metro Storage offers self storage units that are safe, secure and provide protection from the elements, making their units a great choice for storing furniture.

  1. Custom Cars

It won’t go down well if you’re actually working on cars in the storage unit you hire, though many people with expensive car parts to store hire storage units to keep their parts in a secure environment.

  1. Flea Market Vendor

Whether you do it as a hobby or earn a living from buying and selling items at flea markets, a self storage space could be the ideal place to store your saleable goods during the week. If you have more goods than you can comfortably store at home, why not operate your flea market business out of an affordable storage unit, one which offers you access to your goods at any time of the day or night?

As you can see from the examples above, there are many business ideas that you’re empowered to pursue if you rent the right storage space for your needs. Whether you’re running an eBay business, you’re a tradie, like a plumber or an electrician, you sell vintage furniture, work on custom cars or buy and sell items at local flea markets on weekends, the sky’s the limit as far as business entrepreneurism and storage space are concerned!

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