3 Reasons Why You Need a Creative Kitchen Island

On November 15, 2016 by Josh

It does not take much to convince interior designers and home owners to install an island into a kitchen space. There is an endless list of reasons why an island is beneficial for any kitchen, but, basically, here are the three main deal breakers:


You can increase your storage space drastically by adding an island into your kitchen. Incorporate cupboards and shelves into your island for spices and herbs, pots, pans, a quick access dustbin or even a display cook book shelf.

Speaking of storage space, where can you keep your family members and friends while they watch you cook? Putting bar stools around one side of your island is a great way of creating more space for relaxed conversation.

Function ability

The fact that you can move all around an island makes it extremely functional, especially for those big occasions when you have to cook a 3 course meal for a number of guests. You can also install a small sink that you can use to wash all your fruits and veggies without dirty dishes being in the way.

There are lots of ways that you can increase the function of your kitchen island. If your kitchen is big enough, why not use a wrap-around bench surrounding your kitchen dinner table? Honestly, the design styles are endless!


You can make an island the most eye-catching element in your kitchen by giving it all the stylish characteristics that modern design brings us.

Your island doesn’t necessarily have to be built in and kitted out with air vents and lighting. You can get creative and turn your favourite table top or butcher’s block into a kitchen island too! Some DIY lovers have gone as far as to make a whole new table top out of antique doors and interesting ornaments!

You may want to look at samples of kitchen counter wood tops such as MelaWood or MelaWood SupaGloss to give yourself an idea of how absolutely stunning you can make your kitchen island look.

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