10 essential things to get when moving into a new home

On October 20, 2016 by Josh

Moving into a new home is an exciting step which requires a lot of planning. The house needs to be fully-equipped to make it a comfortable place for the whole family to live in. Read this helpful guide about the ten essential things to get when moving into a new home.

A New Boiler

Old or faulty boilers need to be replaced by a professional plumber in Perth. Boilers which are older than fifteen years old might start to develop several problems such as rust or sediment. These issues may cause the boiler to malfunction, which could leave the house without hot water.

The lack of hot water could lead to clothes being unwashed or people going without showers. Problems with the boiler need to be identified and then fixed as soon as possible.

Boilers need to be regularly inspected to make sure that they are working properly. People who are unfamiliar with their hot water systems in Perth should not attempt any DIY fixes because this could damage the boiler beyond repair.

New Furniture

Brand-new furniture will make the house look incredibly inviting. Buy a new set of dining room chairs and a table so that the whole family can sit together at meal times. Make sure that the table can be extended in case extra guests come round for dinner.

Cushions And Throws For The Furniture

Buy cushions and throws so that furniture in the living room and in bedrooms can be transformed. Patterns on the cushion will make the furniture extremely eye-catching and inviting. These cushions will come in handy for anyone who is experiencing back pain. Cushions placed around the floor can help to break a child’s fall if they happen to trip over whilst they are playing.

A New Oven

The kitchen is one of the first rooms that people renovate when they move into a new house. Replace the old cooker with a new oven in order to prepare delicious meals on a daily basis. Choose an oven which will complement the design of the rest of the kitchen.

A New Air Con System

Old aircon systems will become inefficient over a number of years. The temperature gauge may be broken or the unit may not be able to operate at full power. Replace the air con so that the house can be kept cool during the hottest summer months.

New Carpets

New carpets will instantly give the interior of the house a facelift. Make sure to clean the new carpets on a regular basis so that they look brand-new for as long as possible.

New Curtains

New curtains will give the living room, the dining room and the bedroom an instant lift.

A New Washing Machine

A new washing machine is a good idea when moving house, especially if there are lots of people in the family.

A New Set Of Lamps

Lamps can help to create an inviting ambience throughout the house.

New Blinds

A new set of window blinds will help to keep bright sunlight out of the living room.

Follow this guide for buying things when moving house.

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