10 Companies for Great On-Demand Furniture

On March 21, 2017 by Josh

The Interior design of your living space is the personality of your home. It not only provides the functionality of rest and comfort, but makes a statement about your lifestyle. Of course, visiting a furniture store, and picking up the furniture may not always be an option. Nor might be the time and/or money that it will take for delivery services to bring it to you. On-demand furniture companies specialize in offering services for customers to order furniture online.


Lull is a mattress company that pushes to deliver a quality memory foam mattresses straight to your home or apartment with ease. The Lull Mattress unfolds out of the box, and its self-inflating design means there’s no additional effort required. It’s great for apartment goers and students who want a high-quality mattress that’s as easy to move as it is to sleep on.


Everyone who’s ever considered purchasing furniture probably already knows of Ikea. If they don’t they will probably find out about them pretty quickly. As of 2013, they are considered to be the largest furniture retailer in the world. The company offers self-assembly items that can be shipped to your home. Ikea is particularly known for it’s affordable prices and wide selection.


Created by a former Apple employee, Campaign is a radical company that’s taking on the furniture industry to offer a new solution. Comfortable, affordable couches, that are designed based on the logistics of getting it to you. The design of the couch meets standard shipping specifications when disassembled, so companies like UPS or FedEx can deliver it, instead of a special moving truck, or other form of transportation. This makes them quick to arrive and easy to move with. Assembly is easy, and if you ever need to pack it up to move, you can use the same methods used to get it delivered to you.

Grey Cork

Like Campaign, Grey Cork aims to deliver couches via standard shipping. Grey Cork pride’s itself in making assembly quick and easy. They estimate that it only takes about 4 minutes to put it together or take apart.


SmartFurniture is another retail company that delivers furniture to you, with the help of unique, web-based designing features that let you deliver the right product for your space.

Blue Dot

Blue Dot is a furniture design company out of minneapolis, that specializes in providing quality, unique designs that are affordable. They offer a broad selection, for just about every part of the home.

Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern is another furniture design company that specializes in delivering on-demand customized products. Customers submit measurements and color selections online. Then the company makes the furniture at one of their factories, completing it within about a week of the order.

Laurel and Wolf

Like Benchmade, Laurel and Wolf specializes in on-demand customized furniture. However, they take the customization a step further, where customers provide images and measurements online, and communicate with the company and designers to create a truly custom design for their space.


Article is another innovator in the industry, this time aiming at simplifying the process of purchasing and delivering their products. They seek to eliminate complexity in the process, and increase efficiency, so that delivery is both quick and affordable.

Unto This Last

Unto This Last is a workshop in London, that specializes in highly unique designs. To achieve an On-Demand process, they focus on the local level, manufacturing at the point of sale. Although they are small, they have expanded their methods exponentially, and hope to expand in the future.

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