Your All-Important Guide on How Best to Light Up Your Bathroom

On May 18, 2017 by Josh

Nowadays, the bathroom definitely plays an important role in any home. Needless to say, bathrooms are no longer just places where you can take a bath or shower and perform your other necessary hygienic functions – it is now considered one of the most crucial rooms in the home, simply because it does not just epitomise form and function – it can epitomise comfort and luxury as well. The standard, ‘basic’ bathroom is long gone. Today’s bathrooms are often outfitted with every luxurious feature one can think of, from steam showers to freestanding baths to whirlpools and a lot more. But before getting carried away with these elements, you also have to remember to consider one major element that can affect the overall atmosphere in your bathroom: the lighting. Here, then, is your all-important guide on how best to light up your bathroom.

The types of light you need

In order to make your bathroom a beautiful, relaxing, and luxurious space, the lighting you choose matters. There are four basic types of light you need: task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and ambient lighting.

  • Task lighting

Task lighting, essentially speaking, is the kind of lighting you need in order to properly see what you are doing and view yourself as well. Pay particular attention to the area of the mirror, as it needs to be ideally illuminated. Sconces can do a great job at illumination, and if you want to go ‘the extra mile,’ as they say, you can even install a special lighting ‘makeup mirror’ as well. When installing your lights, avoid putting lights on top of the mirror, as this can create shadows. Even recessed lighting installed on the ceiling is not recommended.

  • Accent lighting

Another type of light you need for your bathroom is accent lighting. This is especially true if you like to decorate your bathroom with some artistic touches. Recessed lighting can bring focus to paintings or flowers, and specially-chosen bathroom spotlights can give your bathroom a cosy, pleasant theme.

  • Decorative lighting

You may think accent lighting is the same as decorative lighting, but they do, in fact, have certain differences. Decorative lighting is often used to add a kind of ‘sparkle’ to your bathroom (think chandeliers on the ceiling and so on). Candles can also serve as decorative lighting, whether they are real or operating on electricity.

  • Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting, on the other hand, often acts as a kind of filler, filling the room with enough light. Not all bathrooms need ambient lighting, but bathrooms with high ceilings or coves can definitely benefit from some ambient lights such as pendants and wall lamps.

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