Working from Height from Home: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe

On July 24, 2017 by Josh

Ladders are often used for home improvement projects but safety when climbing is usually overlooked. This is a problem when it comes to domestic work – many homeowners are severely injured because they didn’t follow the safety precautions needed to work at height. Whether you’re cleaning your windows or making minor roof repairs, following the below tips will help keep you safe when it really matters.


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Don’t Climb If You’re Not Confident

Firstly, never climb a ladder if you’re not confident in your ability or you’re not sure the ladder itself is stabilized. Many homeowners have succumbed to injuries because of this exact reason. Ensure the ladder is fully stable and you’re confident you can undertake work safely. Also, if you’re using power tools for the first time, ensure you practice using them on the ground first so you’re confident when you’re using them at height.

Always Have Someone Watching You

Another key thing to do to ensure you’re working safely is to have a friend or family member watch you undertake work. It may not necessarily prevent you from falling, but having someone there if you did fall could be lifesaving. Someone at the bottom of the ladder can also hold the ladder while you’re descending just for added safety precautions. They will also give you a heads up if they think something is wrong with your setup that you wouldn’t have been able to see yourself.

Wear the Right Shoes

You’ll be surprised by how many people climb a ladder wearing their slippers or flip flops, or the amount of people that don’t wear any footwear at all. Don’t be one of those people, always wear footwear with the necessary rubber grips to keep you glued to the ladder at all times.

Only Use Quality Equipment

The idea of standing on a stool that’s sitting on your wheelie bin should be an idea that’s quickly forgotten about. Instead, invest in the right equipment to ensure the highest safety measures are in place to prevent a fall. Consider a quality ladder setup, fall protection equipment, PPE, and toolbelts to make carrying when climbing easier. The more you’re willing to invest in equipment will increase safety dramatically.

Use the Right System

For the different working at height jobs that need to be undertaken – a ladder isn’t always the right tool for the job. If you need to get on the roof to replace tiles or conduct repairs, a ladder might not be the best choice of system. Carrying tiles up and down a ladder is a safety hazard, so you should consider a scaffolding system or something similar. Always plan the job and use the right equipment to make the job easy.

Many homeowners underestimate working from certain heights and they don’t think it will do any damage. However, some of the most severe injuries can come from a few steps high – always ensure your working environment is safe and follow the above tips to ensure the chance of falling is at its minimum.

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