How To Teach Young Ones About Electrical Safety

On October 8, 2016 by Josh

It is important that children learn about electrical safety from a young age. Teaching them about electrical hazards will help them to stay as safe as possible. The lessons that they learn at a young age will aid them throughout their life.

When teaching children about the dangers of electricity, it helps to use props or to make a game out of what is being taught. They will have fun whilst they are learning about how to be safe. Read this helpful guide in order to learn more.


Put Up Warning Signs

Young children respond to visuals, so some clear signs around the house could help to prevent them from getting into any dangerous situations with electricity. The signs should be extremely simple with a red crossed circle and a simple command like ‘DO NOT TOUCH’. The children will learn not to put their fingers in sockets if there are warning signs nearby. Any faulty appliances should be fixed by a company such as Thornbury Electrics.

Have A Puppet Show

Using children’s toys to illustrate important points about electrical safety means that the little ones are much more likely to pay attention to what is being taught. Try not to use lots of long sentences or complicated words because the children will quickly get bored and will want to do something else.

The puppet show should be extremely simple: put the characters in a variety of ‘dangerous situations’ (putting their fingers in sockets, for example) so that the child can understand the different types of scenarios which they have to avoid. Repeat some scenarios in slightly different ways to really get the point across. Any problems which are highlighted in the show can be fixed by a qualified electrician, so visit for repairs.

Monitor the children to see how they deal with similar situations in the future. The puppet show could become part of a regular routine, with a different subject each time. If the shows are interesting enough, the children won’t be able to wait until the next one.

Reward Children For Safe Behaviour

Children thrive on positive reinforcement. Whenever they do something safety-conscious (such as stopping their younger siblings from putting their hands in the toaster), they should be rewarded. This could be anything from a gold star to a being allowed to stay up an extra half-hour before bed. Children will strive to get as many treats as possible if they know that their safe behaviour is being rewarded.

Make Older Children Lead By Example

If older children lead by example, their younger siblings will start to adopt the same safe behaviour when it comes to electrics. Reward the older children if they help to steer the younger children away from dangerous situations.

Help Children To Understand Why Their Behaviour Is Unsafe

If children behave recklessly around electrical equipment, there is no use in getting angry because the children could get upset. Instead, explain to them why their behaviour is unsafe so that they can learn from the experience.

Hopefully, they will start to change their behaviour in similar situations.

Use this guide to educate children about electrical safety in an engaging and positive way.

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