How to Achieve a Cost-effective Bedroom Makeover

On July 7, 2016 by Josh

If that time has come when you need to revamp your bedroom, fear not. This doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, and with a little thought and planning, one can transform that dreary room for sleeping into a multi-use environment. Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration.

Paint the walls

The wall surface is the most prominent area in any room, so consider a repaint, or perhaps some wallpaper. Light pastel shades are recommended, and with a range of finishes, the choice is yours. A couple of coats of paint won’t cost the earth, and remember to fill all holes, and sand the walls thoroughly before applying the paint.

Change the curtains or blinds

This also has a dramatic effect on the ambience of the room, and if there is a lot of light during the day, consider a screening that can effectively eliminate all the light. This is ideal if you want to watch tennis in the early afternoon. Blinds come in a range of exciting styles, and with a choice of materials, colours, and textures, you can select something suitable.


These have been around for centuries, and have made a comeback in contemporary bedroom design, due to the storage space they offer. Footstools are a better option that chairs, with a range of styles to choose from.


One may not wish to buy a new bed, so consider a change of headboard. King-size headboards come in a wide range of designs and materials, which will complement any bedroom.


Table and floor-standing lamps not only offer light, they are fashionable objects than can add character to the room. Bedside lamps complement the immediate sleeping area, and are ideal for that late night read before sleeping. These are not expensive, and with the right headboard, can make a real difference to the ambience of the room.

Additional items

No bedroom would be complete without a TV, so if you have one of those bulky tube models, consider a small investment, and purchase a sleek, flat screen TV that can be tastefully attached to the wall. Repainting existing furniture is a cheaper option the buying new, and it also offers a chance to change the colour, which is always a good idea if you are seeking to make some aesthetic changes.

A ceiling fan for those summer days, which also provides light, will add a touch of character, and the modern units are inexpensive.


The above suggestions do not involve massive amounts of money, so you can transform your bedroom into somewhere you want to spend more of your time. Years ago, bedroom chambers were for sleeping, yet in this modern world, the bedroom is also a place for rest and relaxation, without the interruption of daily living. More and more people spend their evenings in bed, watching their favourite TV show, or reading a gripping novel, and with the mod cons available today, it is easy to create that little piece of heaven. Visit the headboard workshop for a stunning range of handmade headboards.

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