Handy Tips for Moving Home

On August 23, 2016 by Josh

Moving home is always a challenge. It’s not just the uprooting of everything and moving to the unknown – it’s the actual physical and mental stress it can cause as there is so much to be done, and usually not a lot of time to get it all done in.

Here are some handy tips from experts to help make the whole process just a little easier.


You may have a tech-genius in your home, or your electronics might have been installed by a technician from the company you purchased the item from. If you’re worried about being bamboozled by disconnecting everything in your old home and then reconnecting it all again in your new home, don’t be. Here’s the smart way to go about it.

Use your phone camera to take pics of all wiring before you start disconnecting anything. Take pics of each item (TV, computers, sound system, etc.) with all the wiring in place, and make sure to focus on anything which might cause problems later. Make sure the pics show each cable and socket it attaches to. Once you’ve snapped all the necessary devices – you can go ahead and unplug everything.

Another smart tip is to use large zip-loc sandwich bags to bag cables for each device and then tape the bag to the device so that the cables and the device don’t become separated during the move.

When you arrive at your new home, you simply need to unpack the device and the cables and re-insert or connect the cables according to the pics you took earlier. Nothing could be simpler, and it will save you some serious time if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Valuable items

Whether it’s your super-large HDTV or a work of art hanging on your living room wall, you need to make sure that it will be adequately protected during transit. First off – check your own home insurance policy to find out if it covers such items when being moved from one home to another. If not, you might have to shop around for some additional insurance cover before moving day.

If you’re contracting professional removals Gloucestershire offers to do the job for you – you’ll also need to enquire about the level of insurance cover they provide and the conditions which apply. While it may sound great that they will be responsible if anything happens to your prized TV, you might not be so happy if they inform you that they will charge you for packing it in a special box to their level of satisfaction just because you don’t have the original factory packing available. Additional packing charges such as these can soon mount up (if you have several such items) – and might make buying your own extra insurance worthwhile after all.

Planning ahead to avoid such problems will make moving day much easier when it arrives.

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