Composite or uPVC Doors?

On September 23, 2017 by Josh

When it comes to building or even perhaps modifying a house, we can often find ourselves in a quandary regarding what particular type of doors to use. It’s a simple but nonetheless important factor of any home. They add a touch of flavour to the aesthetic design of a structure while providing safety and security from the elements. With the sheer amount of different styles and options to consider, it can appear to be just a little bit overwhelming. However, the two most popular types of doors come in the forms of composite or uPVC.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are generally made from a combination of different materials, chosen specifically for certain qualities that allow them to be as structurally sound as possible compared to more common alternatives. Composite door suppliers, Truedor, for example, have also integrated excellent security measures to their already durable and stable composite doors. And with their versatility in design and personalisation, it’s not a surprise that they’ve become relatively popular in recent years.

uPVC Doors

Created from a versatile polymer called unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, uPVC doors are another popular option alongside their composite counterparts. Typically, they’re a cheaper approach but since they’re made from just one single material, they aren’t quite as durable as composite doors, but they aren’t without their own fair share of advantages. Since they’re normally made from a single material, they’re not quite as difficult to produce and the range of designs rivals their composite counterparts.

When choosing a type of door to purchase, it really depends on exactly what you need. The most sensible and popular approach is to opt for composite door suppliers and manufacturers that provide a wider variety of different styles, designs and choices. Their tried-and-tested designs can be cost-effective as well as a sound investment due to the composite and long-lasting materials used in their production. But that’s not to say that uPVC doors aren’t also up to the task. They’ve been used in many different applications, and have a whole host of advantages.

One thing to take note of before making a decision on which kind of door to go for would be to check if a given manufacturer provides the specific design that your home may need. It shouldn’t be a difficult task as there are quite a few that provide full custom options. While not exactly as cheap as choosing from their standard selections, they’re still reasonably affordable. They also give a certain level of artistic and creative freedom that the structure may need to make it stylistically more consistent and appealing.

If you’re looking for a new door for your home, take your time and consider the best door design, style and finish for your home, before making a final decision.


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