Best Pool Patio Ideas and Designs

On May 24, 2017 by Josh

Whether you are buying a new pool and designing your own backyard oasis or you are design more comfort and luxury around an existing swimming pool, many patio and pool design ideas are universally appealing. This means that you can enjoy your setup now, and also increase the value of your home and property. Some of the most widely appealing designs are found below.

1. Open Spaces for Sunning, Tanning and Reading

Whether your teen loves to work on their tan or you enjoy catching some rays with your favorite book, wide deck plans and open spaces allow you to get as much sun as possible without having to worry about what time of day to go outside in order to avoid seasonal shadows. Sunshine and fresh air really are the best medicine!

2. Ivy Covered Arbors for Outdoor Evening Dining

If you don’t get a chance to hang out by your pool during the day, maybe your friends and fellowship times occur in the evening or later at night. Putting a small, heated pool beside a vine covered arbor, complete with table and chairs, can bring outdoor dining a fresh cozy atmosphere. String white Christmas lights through your ivy covered arbor to create a partially enclosed dining oasis. If you like fresh, outdoor scents, plant sweet smelling vines by your arbor, and maybe some wisteria to hang down from the roof as a pleasant aroma for your guests. Make sure to feather your white lights in and out of the lattice and the vines to create a layered, ethereal lighting effect. It will be magical.

3. Multiple Decks allow Safe Spaces for Kids

If you live on a hill and/or have small children, your patio and pool design ideas must have these features in mind. If your pool is at the bottom of the hill and there are multiple decks down to it, you can easily block off areas so that your children do not accidentally fall into the water. At all times, you must remember that children love to climb and go into new areas. A metal fencing can keep upper decks off limits from the pool area. In addition to this, remember to put motion detectors around the edge of the pool, so that you can hear an alarm ring from the furthest corners of the house if someone falls in! Multiple decks on a hillside are also beneficial to keep your patio areas flat and luxurious. Put luscious plants on both ends of your steps to create a forest-wandering feeling as you walk downhill.

4. Cozy, Enclosed Spaces create Safety and Warmth

Many pool and patio designs are built with artificial rocks, faux caverns, cedar and redwood arbors and arches, and by making use of natural nooks and corners in your back yard. Put warm lights around the edges of your patio and place cool shaded, underwater lights deep within your caverns to create a cozy wilderness effect.

Which design style you choose, remember that you can mix and match design ideas if your landscape shape, slope, and family needs require them. Keep a uniform design through lighting or color shading, and allow your brilliant ideas to unfold!

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