8 bathroom renovation ideas that you’ve never thought about before

On October 20, 2016 by Josh

Renovating the bathroom is an easy way to make having a shower more comfortable as well as making the house look even more attractive than it already is. There are lots of bathroom design tips which are so straightforward that they are used by pretty much everyone who is attempting a bathroom makeover: for example, everyone knows that hiring a professional plumber to deal with faulty pipes is an excellent idea which will make the toilets, sinks and shower perform at maximum capacity.

However, there are several bathroom renovation ideas which go beyond the obvious. These ideas may seem unusual as first, but they will make perfect sense once the work has been completed. Research different companies which offer bathroom design services. Hire a plumbing company which will offer a quality service at a good price. After all, plumbing in Perth does not have to cost an arm and a leg for the work to be timely and thorough.

Read on in order to discover eight ways to turn the bathroom into something truly special.

Install Air Con

Whilst it may not seem obvious to install air-conditioning in the bathroom, this is an effective way to keep people as comfortable as possible when they are using the toilet or the shower. Bathrooms can become uncomfortably hot and stuffy, especially during the summer months. Peter Stannard Plumbing & Gas are the no.1 plumber in Perth who can also install air-conditioning.

Install A Motion Sensor Toilet

Motion sensor toilets were once only seen in science-fiction films. However, fantasy has become reality and motion-sensor toilets are becoming increasingly popular. The first country to truly embrace motion-sensitive toilets was Japan, which is no surprise given their love affair with technology. However, people in lots of different countries are now having them installed.

Install Stained Glass Windows

Privacy is one of the main concerns for people when they are using their bathrooms. Some people use window blinds to ensure that they won’t be seen from the outside. Instead, why not have some stylish stained-glass windows installed?

Install A Book Shelf And Magazine Rack

Sometimes people like to read whilst they are on the toilet or enjoying a nice long soak in the bathtub. Put up some shelves or a magazine rack so that the bathroom is free from clutter and the books won’t get wet.

Install A Jacuzzi

Install a Jacuzzi that doubles as a bathtub. The jet streams from the Jacuzzi can be extremely relaxing after a hard day at work. Commercial plumbers in Perth can install a Jacuzzi.

Use Black And White Tiles

People may be more used to using black and white for the kitchen or in the living room, but this colour combination can give the bathroom a striking look.

Install A Mobile

Bathing babies and young children can sometimes be challenging, especially if they are restless. Install a colourful mobile above the bathtub to distract the baby when they are bathing.

Install A ‘Statement’ Bathtub

Bathtubs don’t have to be boring. Install a bathtub that has an interesting shape so that it becomes a statement piece as well as an important part of the bathroom.

Use this guide to create a unique bathroom.

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