How Long Does a Loft Conversion Take?

Without a doubt, one of the first questions someone asks when they are considering a loft conversion is, ‘how long will it take to complete the project?’ Although there are several factors that must be considered, the average loft conversion takes around 6 weeks.

While every loft conversion is different, they all tend to follow the same timeline. It is important to have a good understanding of these phases before your project begins.

The design phase​

During the design phase, a team will visit your home to survey the dwelling, obtain measurements, and discuss what your goals are for the project. This information is crucial for the architect to draw up potential plans for your conversion. After the plans have been completed, you will be provided with a copy, as well as an estimate of the associated costs.

Preparing the site​

After approval has been received from the local council, the installation will be able to proceed. After you have consulted with your Project Manager, a starting date will be determined. Needed materials and equipment will be ordered and delivered to your home. Also, the space will be cleared out in anticipation of the upcoming work.

Construction begins​

Once the site is completely prepared, an expert scaffolding provider will arrive to put up the scaffolding. New joists, if needed, will be fitted into the space, as well as any wiring that is attached to the joists. Any empty space between the joists will be filled with insulation.

Construction continues​

Next, the floorboards will be put down for the loft and dormers will be installed. At some point during this process, the staircase will be fitted to the loft. The fitters will erect the partition walls and plasterboard will be attached to the rafting and studs. An electrician will run new wiring circuits to the loft and connect electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. Finally, all of the decorative extras, such as painting performed by professional painters, will be finalised. ​

During every phase of the conversion process, your Project Manager should be onsite to make certain that progress in being made and that the project is on schedule. You can also expect a Building Control officer to make several visits to verify that the work is being performed as planned, follows all of the regulations set by the Planning and Building Control, and is being completed to the highest possible standards.

Before you know it, your loft conversion will be complete and ready for use. In most cases, this will be within a six week period, although it may vary slightly from one conversion to another. Whether you plan to use your loft as a bedroom, office, or simply a place to sit back and relax with a good book after a long day, you are sure to love the results.


If you are considering transforming your home with the addition of a loft space, take a look at the house extensions in London carried out by for ideas and to request an estimate today.


The Pruning Process

Every spring, a repeating nightmare comes to life for every gardener. Yep; it’s pruning season! It’s the time to get those plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees back to their former, pre-winter glory. This year, everyone will love your garden, just like they do every year; but it’s going to take some work to get those “oohs and aahs”. Well, there are a few things you may want to know to put the beauty back in your garden.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hand Pruners


Pruning Saws

Hedge Shears

Grass Shears

As most gardeners know, there are various times, throughout spring, to prune various types of plants. Learning these times and following them will help you keep a healthy garden. Every gardener has their own process, but one general outline should be, at least, taken into consideration. Probably the best place to start is to get any and all of the diseased, dead, or damaged stems out of your garden. Any diseased stems left behind will allow the disease to spread to the rest of the plant. This is something that probably ought to be done year round, rather than just in the spring. This will minimize the bulk of work come spring.


Many gardeners use shrubs to add a visual layout, or structure, to their garden. They are great for creating barriers or walls that form the walkways and designs of the garden. As with any plant, ensure to use clean, sharp tools to prune shrubs. When it’s time to prune your type of shrub, which varies depending on species, you can get this done relatively quickly. Start by taming any shooting stems or branches. Then move on to shaping. Most evergreens don’t require much work in the department; however, most other shrubs will require a fresh shaping each year. These couple chores will keep your shrubs looking amazing. One tip to lighten the workload is giving your shrubs a light pruning in the middle of autumn. This will decrease the misshapenness of them come next spring.

Fruit Trees

The reason gardeners plant fruit trees is to have the trees bear fruit. These trees will only reach their maximum bearing potential with proper pruning. If the roots of a tree are not as healthy as the top of the tree, the growth will be slow and weak. Pruning a fruit tree back will promote a balanced root to branch ratio. This, along with it promoting healthy stem and branch growth, will help your trees produce more and better fruit. Also, fruit trees ought to be shaped. Depending on the fruit which it bears, the shape could make a big difference in the amount of fruit you get from the tree. Be sure to look up the right shape and size for your fruit trees.

Flowering plants

The first process to familiarize yourself with is “deadheading”. This is the relatively simple process of trimming the plants. For this, you have to make a decision. If you don’t want your plant to produce offspring, you need to cut off the spent flowers. This is something many gardeners miss. Next, you must learn the times in which your plants bloom. This will make your life easier than you ever thought possible. This can spread the workload out over various seasons, as some plants should be pruned in summer vs. in the spring. This will give you more time in the garden that you take such pride in, and allow you to do small spurts of work, rather than breaking you back for a couple weeks.

This is just scratching the surface really. There are more comprehensive guides out there with better pruning tips for your garden. As you get started though, remember to always wear gloves, preferably non-absorbent ones. Some plants have caustic sap that can cause severe allergic reactions. Also, be sure to keep your stress level low when doing your gardening and pruning. This was your original plan for gardening in the first place. If you are stressed about time and work while gardening, you miss out on all the beauty that surrounds you. You miss the original intent of your garden: to make you happy!

Trend Kitchens- Renovation Made Easy

When you are looking at ways to makeover your kitchen and give it a face lift or a new look and feel, there are many ways to go about it. Whether it is adding or changing a few features, adding something new, or totally redesigning the look of trend kitchens, you have many options available to choose from.

fitted kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be a dream come true if you get the right team of professionals behind you, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you get a team working on your kitchen designs that is not qualified or skilled to do the work. If you are looking for kitchen renovation companies, then you have come to the right place. With Kitchen Finesse, they utilize a unique process when it comes to making custom made kitchen designs for our customers. Keep the following stages in mind as you plan your new trend kitchens design and make your appointment with Kitchen Finesse today!

Kitchen units

Step 1 – Concept & Quotation

  • In house consultation that is specially designed and tailored to offer unique kitchen design solution based on your requirements, needs, and limitations

  • Material and colour theme selection with the option for live design consultation in the office or in your home

  • Get instant quote for your kitchen project over the phone to serve as a starting point for your plans and design

  • Figure an estimated time frame for completion and work up a schedule that fits your needs as well as the needs of the renovation crew


Step 2 – Check & Measure

  • Detailed site measurements will be taken before any work begins and a thorough review will be conducted to ensure all of your needs are met

  • Finalising the appliances, materials, measurements and work will begin on your trend kitchens new look and design

  • Comprehensive time frames will be set in place and continually updated and all work will be covered with a written contract agreement signed by both parties

Step 3 – Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Only the absolutely highest quality materials and the most skilled contractors are used for installation

  • Assembly of all cabinets and counters is done on site and deigned to fit your unique design, and final inspections carried out after every stage is completed

  • Project manager is actively involved in the process and is reviewing the work every step of the way and is active in the entire installation

  • Skilled shippers will maintain safe and timely delivery and on site inspectors will maintain a safe working environment


Step 4 – Site Check & Preparation

  • Old kitchen demolition and removal can be included within the design and installation process 

  • Other speciality experts can be called in for necessary work if special touches or features are needed for your design

  • Experts inspect your kitchen to ensure everything is up to codes and safety standards

Step 5 – Installation & Fit Off

  • Installation of your new kitchen is done by our proficient installers

  • Connecting and final touches on all appliances and décor are finished off according to the final design

  • Clean up of installation areas to ensure the kitchen is ready to use once the crew leaves

Step 6 – Final Check & Quality Inspection

  • Exhaustive material and workmanship along with safety checks

  • Warranty documentation and final terms agreed upon

  • We ask you for your valued feedback about your experience

Your new kitchen is now ready to use and enjoy! Renovations for trend kitchens can be a dream come true if you get the right team of professionals behind you. Trust the experts at Kitchen Finesse and discover the difference they can make for your renovation project!

Get your handmade and bespoke chesterfield sofa in time for Christmas

Perhaps you want to get a little something for yourself this Christmas.  Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to make your place look stunning before your guests arrive.  Either way, now is the perfect time to get your handmade and bespoke Chesterfield sofa in time for Christmas so you can have the perfect holiday.

The Chesterfield is a traditional and very distinctive type of sofa featuring deep buttons, arms as high as its back. and, usually, leather upholstering.  It is often said that the very first Chesterfield sofa was commissioned by Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, in the 18th century.  With its luxurious curves and design, the Chesterfield very quickly began to make its mark on society.  In fact, Queen Victoria’s drawing room at Balmoral Castle featured two Chesterfield sofas front and centre.  To this day the Chesterfield suggests taste and high class.

bespoke sofa

Clearly the Chesterfield is a very classic piece of furniture, and whilst it may seem to some that it is a bit old fashioned, the truth is that Chesterfields are more popular than ever as more and more people choose to incorporate them into their interior design.  The beauty of the Chesterfield is that it can be either classic and traditional or modern and new – it’s all up to what type you choose to get, and there are many types available on the market today.  No matter what your preferred design or style is, there is a Chesterfield sofa that will fit your home perfectly.

How can one best incorporate a Chesterfield sofa into his or her home?  The best thing about a Chesterfield is that it will look fantastic in any room.  Putting a Chesterfield into a very traditional or Victorian inspired theme instantly suggests class and stature.  This was, after all, once the sofa of the elite and upscale.  On the other end of the spectrum, all it takes is a splash of colour or an interesting pattern to make the Chesterfield a trendy and hip piece of furniture that will add style to the most modern home.


So now you’ve decided that you want to treat yourself to a Chesterfield for Christmas.  A wise decision!  But where are you going to look next?  That’s where we come in.

We are Chesterfield Sofa Company, and we are one of the North West’s leading manufacturers of traditional English Chesterfield sofas.  All of our furniture hand-built right here in our workshop in Lancashire by some of the most talented craftsmen in the country.  We use only the finest quality materials, including full hide leather, which is the finest grade of leather available.  Our goal is to bring the finest British craftsmanship right to your doorstep.

We also manufacture bespoke furniture for those of you who are looking for something particularly unique.  All of our furniture can be custom made to suit your particular needs and living space.  And with a choice of over 100 leathers and 2,000 fabrics, velvets, and faux furs to choose from, you’ll know you’re getting the exact Chesterfield sofa that you want.

No matter where you are, we will do our best to deliver to you.  If you’re in the UK, our specialist team will liaise with you to coordinate the delivery and help you position and unpack your new furniture in the room of your choice.  And if you’re outside the UK, we’ve partnered with a specialist delivery company so we can provide you with the best experience possible.

So don’t wait – get your handmade and bespoke chesterfield sofa in time for Christmas.

Save space with a built in or fitted wardrobe

A built-in or fitted wardrobe with sliding doors is an ideal way to save space in any home while increasing its value. The fitted wardrobe can be custom-designed for recessed wall areas, under staircase space or an old bedroom closet area. A fitted wardrobe can be created for any wall space.

SKON Scandinavian Sliding Wardrobe Design creates the finest custom wardrobes and shelving to suit any building. The actual work is done in Ireland utilising the talents of the best local cabinet makers.


The sliding doors of the customized space can be traditional wood finish or contemporary designs. Wood finish doors include:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple

The sliding doors can also be painted white, black, cream or silver to complement any decor.

aliding wardrobes

The finish on sliding glass wardrobe doors covers the colour spectrum. Fushia, orange, cream, pearl white and black are a few of colours available. Luminous blue, red and yellow along with a metallic blue are popular with contemporary decor.

Glass door colour panels can be mixed for different design patterns. Metallic mirrored doors can be combined with the glass or wood panels in several styles. Each door can feature the classic single panel or two, four or six colourful panels. The glass doors allow people to see inside the space. They also allow better light into the wardrobe when the doors are open.


Other door styles include:

  • Oriental doors with four to six equal size panels
  • Minima doors with 150mm banded panels
  • Luxor door with smaller panels on the top and bottom


Each space-saving wardrobe is unique. The wardrobe interior is custom designed based on the special needs of the designated space. Shelving can be wood or metallic, depending on the space and stored items.

Shelves can be arranged in any configuration. The wardrobe can have room for hanging clothes and shelves for shoes, handbags, sweaters and other folded clothing. A section can be allocated for drawers and special built-in shoe racks. 

Custom built-in or fitted wardrobes can be used to store linens, towels and other bathroom accessories in a hallway or bathroom. The wardrobe concept can also be used in a kitchen to store packaged foods, cookware and utensils.

A custom wardrobe will enhance a dining area. Built in cabinets will hold dishes, glassware and serving pieces with special shelves or nooks for different size plates. The sliding doors can also open to reveal a bar area with special glassware, a wine rack and other bottles. The bar can include a mini-fridge as well. Sliding doors can also be locked for security.

Built-in wardrobes are now used in living areas to house electronics including television screens, sound systems and video games. Libraries can also be built in behind sliding doors.

Wardrobe size and doors

The flexibility of these wardrobes with sliding doors allow them to be installed in every room of the house. The wardrobe does not have to be floor to ceiling. It can take up a half wall or be fitted under a bed or sofa. Special doors can be designed for corner units, attic spaces and dormer rooms with slanted roof lines.

The slider can be a cupboard built into the wall of a kitchen. The two sliding doors take up less room than conventional hinged doors. Two slider doors can lead to a walk-in closet with built in shelving and drawers. Three or four doors can cover a customized wardrobe created from an empty wall.

The team at SKON in Dublin offers a free consultation to anyone interested in remodeling a home with a custom built in or fitted wardrobe.

Current top trending ideas for a new kitchen

The thought of buying a new kitchen is incredibly exciting. Trips to see displays and to imagine the beautiful cabinets and worktops replacing your tired and tatty kitchen units. There’s so much to choose from, it’s often difficult to know which one to go for in order to stay on trend but not choose something which will be out of fashion in a few years.

The most important aspects to think about are durability – which comes with choosing a firm which offers quality products and excellent standards of fitting as well as excellent customer service and aftercare – as well as what works for you and your family as well as the space it is going to fit into. For anyone looking at kitchens, Lancashire families will know these all form part of the overall decision to be made as well as budget and style features such as the addition of appliances, flooring, tiling and any technology requirements; it’s now possible to have televisions mounted in different parts of the room such as under the cupboard so a good design team will be needed to envisage all your requirements.

Trends at the moment are seeing a move away from white kitchens – although they keep the top spot as the most popular colour, the reduction in the amount of chrome and nickel and the additional use of feature lights being real accent talking points rather than just functional items.

adlington Kitchen

Change in colour

The last few years have had either white or very brightly coloured high gloss kitchens as the best sellers.

White is still number one in the paint chart choice but hot on its heels is grey. This may come as a surprise to many, but it’s not a battleship grey we’re talking about, but a soft and natural tone. Along with grey is shades of stone and other neutral colours and there’s a real softening of sensation being achieved with this colour shift.

fitted kicthen

Metal features

To complement the shift from stark whites and minimalist, shiny styling comes a move away from the popular chrome and nickel in lighting and drawer and cupboard handles and the emergence of metals which look old, distressed or antiqued. Particularly popular to accompany the soft grey cabinets are bronze and iron and this is then reflected in the styling colours for the room lighting.

kitchen lights

Making it more natural

With the move away from the reflective natures of chrome and nickel, the time of using stainless steel as a splashback is decreasing and in its place comes the use of natural materials such as granite and limestone.

Wood is also making a big comeback, but as feature item such as large and solid pieces being used as decorative items attached to the wall or as naturally shaped chopping boards.


Lighting your way

In the past, lighting was often nothing more than a fluorescent tube, but things have really moved on. Kitchen lighting has now come into a class of its own with oversized feature lights being the big news and low-hanging pendants with a 70s retro feel being particularly popular over island areas.

Strips of under counter lighting will always be useful, but there’s now a move towards the favoured use of directional lighting over cookers, preparation areas and the sink. These are created with angled lamps which are fitted to the wall and then moved around as needed, giving more flexibility to the family chef.

Ramsbottom Kitchens are seeing the changes in style as much as any other company and advise that for anyone considering new kitchens, Lancashire residents should take the time to visit a showroom and talk to the staff to find out the options and to see for themselves the changes in design for a room which will always be at the heart of any family.


Improve Health with These Outdoor Space Ideas

The American suburban landscape is awash with one big open fenced-in backyard after another. They look nice, especially well-manicured and recently mowed, but hardly get utilized as a space besides as something to see. Meanwhile the owners of these untapped tracts of land sit and lounge inside their climate controlled homes, always wanting to “get out” and “do something” but never actually getting around to either. They’ll glance out the window, staring into a quarter to half-acre of land – their land – and go back to watching TV. Enough is enough.

If you’re like me and find yourself in this sort of situation, give consideration to the following ways in which your boring backyard space can be turned into a genesis of better health without wiping out the savings or college funds.

  1. Garden: This one may seem obvious but there are health benefits you may be forgetting. Of course there’s the value of organic homegrown vegetables fresh from the source to your table. The work that goes into maintaining a healthy garden is another bonus to your well-being. Besides, nothing tastes quite as good as the fruits (vegetables in this case) of your labors.
  2. Fruit Trees: For those who want direct access to healthy food options without crawling around in the dirt a fruit tree or two is the way to go. They’re relatively cheap and checking out the fruit trees at will give you an idea of how pretty, and delicious, the many options can be. And there’s still a little bit of a mild workout involved – spend time picking apples someday to see what I’m talking about.
  3. Non-Fruiting Trees: Properly-placed trees in a backyard can easily encourage a pickup game of tag football, soccer, or Wiffle ball without compromising the open space of the lawn. The shade allows for more time spent outdoors without worrying about the effects of too much sun, and the guarantee of fallen leaves means there’ll be some niche muscles getting worked out at some point or another.
  4. Landscaping: Huge projects drain the budget and hiring out contractors defeats the purpose, so stick to small projects with easy-to-find DIY guides online. Terraforming your lawn into a little slice of Eden not only gets your blood flowing it provides a hobby and, if done carefully and correctly, can greatly improve efficiency and the value of your property.
  5. Athletic Installations: Pools and tennis courts are probably a little beyond the scope of the average reader’s backyard improvement ambitions, but what about gymnastic bars? It may appear a little gaudy in your head at first, but forget about the pommel horse and think about a simple three-set series of horizontal bars at varying heights. Workout options for you, a fun place to swing around for the kids.

Whether it be a source of healthy food choices, a source of exercise, or both, there’s plenty of potential to better yourself by making better use of your backyard. Meticulously maintained flat lawns are nice to look at, but add a tree here, a garden there, and watch your life improve as much as your property value.

Win a BullFrog Spa Hot Tub

Enter BullFrog Spas Free Spa Giveaway Sweepstakes! Don’t delay – you only have until December 22rd to enter.


Unlike nearly every other luxury hot tub brand, Bullfrog Spas are not constructed by cutting wood 2x2s and 2x4s. They are completely wood-free and customized so they fit together perfectly every time.

Don’t worry – if you don’t win the contest, you can still order your own! And Bullfrog offers a unique individualized online design tool. And Bullfrog’s patented JetPak Therapy System lets you personalize your massage experience.  The JetPaks are removable and interchangeable, something you won’t find in other spas. 


Most Important Elements Of Your Kitchen Design: It’s Worktops

Kitchen Worktops: How It Determines The Visual Impact Of Your Kitchen?


The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home and it’s design definitely have a great impact on the overall look and appearance of a kitchen. The only problem is that the design of the kitchen depends on a lot of factors i.e. there are many individual elements which determines the look of your kitchen.


It’s actually a very difficult task to get the desired look for the kitchen, especially when you have to consider so many aspects together. You should always make sure that all the different elements of your room complement each other. Kitchen worktops are definitely one of the most important aspects of your kitchen and it definitely has a great visual impact.


Choosing The Best Kitchen Worktops


When it comes to kitchen worktops, they are one of the most important areas of your kitchen which you use the most. This is one of the major reasons why you should keep the practical considerations in mind while you are choosing worktops for your kitchen. Most importantly, you have to be practical about the kitchen space and choose the worktop accordingly.


Kitchen worktops can set the visual theme of the room and the kind of worktop material you choose depends on whether you want to get a traditional or contemporary look for your home. The colour, pattern and design of the worktop determine the overall look of the kitchen.


If you have a colourful kitchen, then make sure to get a subtle and classy kitchen finish. Caesarstone’s quartz countertops are very affordable, and they have become so popular among modern homeowners. You may also choose the same if it goes with the design of your home.


Different Kinds Of Kitchen Worktops


Why You Should Caesarstone’s Quartz Worktops?


These days, more and more homeowners are now using quartz worktops because it adds a lot of glamour to your home. They have now become a very popular choice among all the homeowners. These countertops also offer a lot of benefits i.e. it not only keeps your loved ones safe but also save your money.


If we compare it with the other kind of stones, it’s definitely durable and so can last for a long time. It will also save your money in the long run. One of the major benefits of quartz worktops is that they are non-porous and so have anti-bacterial properties.


What Benefits Do Wooden Worktops Offer?


When it comes to the design of kitchen, nothing can be beautiful and classy than the wooden worktops which enhance the value of your home. Furthermore, it’s also available in a huge range of styles i.e. you can either choose vibrant colours or tones that goes with both traditional and modern designs.


If we talk about the practical perspective, this is a kind of material which easily gets scratched or stained. Therefore, you have to take special care of wood if you install it in your home. Keep all these excellent tips in mind to choose the best worktops for your home.

How To Protect Your Garden From A Hurricane – 8 Top Tips

Are you fearing the worst this winter? Live in a place where hurricanes and storms are a common occurrence? Want to protect your garden as best you can? Then follow these simple tips to make sure all your hard work nurturing your garden doesn’t go to waste.


  1. Check weather warnings – be proactive in protecting your beloved garden, move things indoors if there is a high chance of a hurricane or a storm, then think about what potential hazards you can see in your garden and shelter or hide them. These steps taken in advance of a storm will help minimise the damage and decrease the effort you will have to go to in trying to repair your home.


  1. Your unique plant containers that you thought so much about before planting – move the containers that not too heavy closer to your home or indoors. If the containers are too heavy to move or you think they will be able to withstand strong winds, move them closer together for added protection


  1. Those lovely garden ornaments your daughter helped you to paint and decorate need to be sheltered or brought inside. These are most likely some of the lightest objects in your garden and therefore need to be moved because they are likely to be blown away if the winds reach high velocity


  1. Unless you are planning on protecting your home from an invasion of vampires during a storm, make sure that all stakes are either removed from your garden or pushed deeper into the ground so they don’t become a hazard, damage your property or injure someone.


  1. Those hanging baskets you’ve been trying to perfect for years? They’ve gone, smashed and have been ruined if you don’t prepare properly for this storm. Move them to a safer location where they will not be blown away by strong winds and heavy rain fall.


  1. Make sure that all the valuable garden furniture you bought from garden buildings direct is hidden away in your shed or is sufficiently covered, to prevent any airborne garden missiles landing in your neighbours gardens



  1. We all have that one neighbour who asks to borrow something and never gives it back don’t we? Whether it is a cup of sugar or a lawn mower, make sure you shelter all your garden tools or bring them inside the house, as you don’t want that nosey neighbour inheriting your brand new shovel after it’s been carried half a mile down the road and placed into his back garden by a hurricane or storm


  1. If you have elderly neighbours or physically handicapped people living nearby, check on their gardens and make sure you inform and help them with preparing their garden for a storm.